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Embrace the warm hospitality of the Balinese people. Trek the stunning rice paddies, climb the ancient mountains, and witness some of the legendary sunsets that enchant visitors and locals alike.

Our Hotel car is available for half or full day tours, including WiFi, cold towel, snacks and water. For pricing, please contact our team.


Balinese culture is a blend of Balinese Hinduism and rich local customs including religious ceremonies, art, and drama.


Bali is a spiritual center, sought as a place to achieve higher meaning and purpose. Partake in water purifications, meet Bali’s only High Priestess, or experience a Balinese healing from a true healer.


Known as the Emerald Island, Bali has a tropical landscape full of natural wonders. From seas of green rice paddies to natural hot springs to stone canyons carved out by water-falls, Bali’s vibrant natural world is limitless.


Experience Bali with an extra dose of adrenaline on this quad bike all-terrain vehicle tour. Go off-roading on the track in the jungles, past rice fields, and through muddy water holes and waterfalls, perfect for thrill-seekers.


Experience activities for the whole family. From wildlife conservations to outdoor adventuring to cooking classes,Bali has options for the whole family.

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Make your stay with us something out of a love story with our selected romance experiences that will be sure to create lasting memories for you and your partner.

Let us help you customize your Bali experience.

Please note all times are approximate and may vary depending upon conditions at the time of taking the experience.